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SubjectRe: Will 2.6 require Python for any configuration ? (CML2)
> Maybe it's just me, but adding a dependency solely for the sake of
> building the kernel doesn't strike me as very clean or elegant.

IMHO that is a highly suspect view. Kernel building is already a hideously
complicated problem [At least it seems so to me]. I am certainly in favor
using a more intelligent and capable scripting lang to add capability and
reduce some of the dependancy & symbol issues. If all we are doing is adding
a different front end, it's not of much point, but some genuises here have
streched make + shell to about as far as one can. So if that can be done
with make, someone surley can replace all that with Python. [However, maybe
I have missed the scope of the inclusion of python]
Also, I would like to point out that while Python does have a 'flavor of
the month' look for some people, it is a useable stable solution. Who
knows what my supercede it tomorrow, but as a whole it's maturing, and I
personally use it a TON. Plus it has a powerful library.

Side note:
It took about 10 days for the last kernel compile I did on my 386sx 16
[whopping 32 megs of ram thought =] [that was a while ago].. I suspect that
with python it wouldn't actually take much longer. Besides, I compile
kernels for it on something else.
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