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SubjectRe: Will 2.6 require Python for any configuration ? (CML2)
Bob Glamm wrote:
> I bet the same number of people still compile their own kernels.
> However, the *percentage* of people that still compile their own
> kernels probably keeps shrinking as the number of people using
> Linux increases.

Of course, this is what I meant.

> Why isn't ncurses a pain? For the same reason ncurses wasn't a
> pain when 'make menuconfig' (lxdialog) was introduced (yes, I did many a
> 'make config'): curses/ncurses was already on just about every
> system running Linux - it was built into the text editor.

It probably still is, but not every *user* that might want to compile a
kernel himself has the ncurses development files installed. Instead of
installing those he might as well install python (which most normal
users can use probably a lot better since the kernel wouldn't be the
only thing depending on it)...

> It does surprise me that Linus would actually allow this to happen.
> It's been my impression that he favors a clean, elegant solution.
> Maybe it's just me, but adding a dependency solely for the sake of
> building the kernel doesn't strike me as very clean or elegant.

I have to admit that I don't really know anything about CML at all (so
my points might be wrong), but I personally would favour a nice
replacement of 'make menuconfig' written in python.


Roland Bauerschmidt
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