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SubjectWriting oops-messages to floppy or disk

Some days ago, I had the problem that the isdn-router in our school
crashed (was a problem with mppp, I am currently talking with the
isdn-guys). I had a oops-message on my screen. My kernel has had
magic-sysrq-support. So I needed this message somewhere to give it so
ksymoops. The only solution I had was typing it into my laptop by hand.

So I would like to know if there is a solution to tell the kernel to
write the current screen (or the oops-message) to floppy (bypassing the
filesystem, just raw write, reading it back with dd if=/dev/fd0, of=-)
The only option I have with ksymoops is syncing my filesystems, but most
time, the kernel freezes before syslogd is able to write it to the
filesystem. Or an other solution to get the message to resistant memory.

Typing the message by hand into my laptop is a bad thing, because it
takes a lot of time, and during this time, the system is down.
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