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SubjectRe: [PATCH (URL), RFC] Stackable dmi_blacklist rules
> > Currently, we walk the list and throw out bad apples based on full
> > or partial strings we match against what we get from the BIOS.
> > Once a rule matches, the value is immutable.
> Hardly. You can set it back, you can also access the fields to make
> complex decisions after a match call.

You'd have to write extra feature_off callback functions, though
(or change the existing ones, as I did), since currently no callback
function allows to reset a value once it was called. They are all
coded like this:

static __init int apm_is_horked(struct dmi_blacklist *d)
if (apm_info.disabled == 0)

apm_info.disabled = 1;
printk(KERN_INFO "%s machine detected. Disabling APM.\n", d->ident);

return 0;

What I was looking for was a solution which allows resetting values
simply by changing the dmi_blacklist.

One can of course argue that we can always add apm_is_not_horked_after_all()
should the need ever arise.

Roger Luethi
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