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SubjectRe: [problem] RH 2.4.7-2 kernel slows to a crawl under heavy i/o
Alan Cox <> :
> > The same setup on RH 6.2 with 2.4.3-ac3 works fine. Please let me know what
> > information may be useful to debugging this problem (no oops yet), and other
> > kernels to try; I'm looking at 2.4.8-ac9 right now.
> I'd be interested to know how 2.4.8-ac9 fares. It has the saner parts of
> the VM work from the Linus tree and other stuff from Rik, Marcelo and co.

I have added the data of 2.4.8-ac7 build for 2.4.8-ac{8,9} at The graphs are under 2.4.8-acXX/img.
The successive runs on a same session are now bounded on the graphs.
The occasionaly high levels of irq and cs on ac9 says nothing good about

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