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SubjectRe: Oops after mounting ext3 on 2.4.8-ac9
On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> ac8 has further superblock updates, I wonder if those are what ticklets it.
> Can you try 2.4.8ac7 with the 2.4.8ac8 drivers/usb and include/linux/usb*
> changes ?

Okay I trimmed intermediate patch patch-2.4.8-ac7-ac8 down to just this:

patching file drivers/usb/CDCEther.c
patching file drivers/usb/
patching file drivers/usb/Makefile
patching file drivers/usb/catc.c
patching file drivers/usb/hp5300.c
patching file drivers/usb/hp5300.h
patching file drivers/usb/hpusbscsi.c
patching file drivers/usb/hpusbscsi.h
patching file drivers/usb/kaweth.c
patching file drivers/usb/pegasus.c
patching file drivers/usb/usb.c
patching file include/linux/usb.h

> If Im right it wont oops

Nope, it did oops. Looks pretty much same too.

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