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SubjectRe: Will 2.6 require Python for any configuration ? (CML2)
> The main reason to include it, is that that's what it was done in.
> If you go back and read the archives, ESR goes over why all sorts of
> other languages wouldn't work as easily.
in such cases the solution is to elaborate, and not to
leave things to decay.

> That wasn't my point at all. My point was that if you're somehow
> transfering the 21mb source .tar.bz2'ed, you can also stand to transport
> the 4mb of python 2.0.1 source, tar.gz'ed over as well. In other words,
> having to bring python over any of the methods that Jes mentioned isn't
> any more painful than the kernel source. It's roughly the size of a couple
> of vmlinux'es.
i was sarcastic here. actually the fact is that
4MB of tarred sources is more than 10 .c files
doing the same thing 1.5x times faster.

> Have you tried cml2 on your p166? ESR went and did much speed tweaking of
> the code about 6 months ago it seems like and managed to please some of the
> people using a low-end pentium. Building a kernel on a 386 isn't approcaching
> tolerable right now anyhow. Someone pointed out today or yesterday it takes
> ~10 days.
it is not an excuse to make things even worser.

> Python is no harder to maintain then C.
actually i meant that "i hardly can believe that
c in such task is harder to maintain than python".



Samium Gromoff
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