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SubjectRe: [FAQ?] More ram=less performance (maximum cacheable RAM)
Luca Montecchiani writes:
> Robert Love wrote:
> >
> > It also has nothing to do with Linux. Some motherboard's TAG RAM do not
> > allow for caching more than xMB.
> I'm just proposing to update the FAQ to help people like me
> that thinking to gain speed doubling the system ram have seen
> a severe performance drop for certain task like compiling the
> kernel .
> Answer :
> It has nothing to do with Linux, maybe your motherboard's TAG Ram
> do not allow for caching more than xMB.

It's a useful entry, but I don't think it really belongs in the
linux-kernel mailing list FAQ. It belongs in some other
hardware-related document. Better to search for an appropriate one,
and get that updated as needed. I'm happy to add a link to it, though.

I just don't want the LKML FAQ turning into a bloated monster that
tries to answer all questions. The WWW is a *web*, not a central
repository, and works best if we keep it a web. Links Are Good[tm].

While I'm flattered you consider me (or at least the LKML FAQ) the
fount of all knowledge, I really would feel better if others shared in
the burden^Wglory.


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