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SubjectRe: Will 2.6 require Python for any configuration ? (CML2)
      Hey guys, can`t resist more this thread... =)

1. I heard a lot of arguments why _not_ to include
python. Also alot of arguments why _ignore_ the arguments
to _not_ include python.
BUT! No arguments why to _include_ it...
kinda disbalance as i see.

2. Those who tells that playing with 21M large kernel
isnt any better than playing with kernel PLUS 20M
python are, politely saying, definitely not right.

3. i ALREADY cannot tolerate how current config
heartbrakingly slow crawls on my p166. No, do not ask
me why is it so. just think: we have 3k strings, 3k
deps, and asketic ncurses interface. So WHY is it so
slow? And you think python-powered config engine
will be at least _approachingly_ tolerable on an
386??? Nah. It wont.

What we win in the true C way:
speed, size
What we lose --------=-------:
maintainability?????? (i`ll believe if esr
will tell so...)



Samium Gromoff
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