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SubjectRe: gcc bug causing problem in kernel builds
> Now, the problem is that RedHat also apparently compiles (at least its
> newer) kernels with the 2.96 gcc. Unfortunately, there appears to be a
> structure misalignment problem in gcc 2.96.

The kernel is compiled with some objects differently according to the
compiler features. In paticular we have to pad out structures with 0 length
elements in the older compilers to fix a compiler bug. You must
compile with the same precise compiler and options as the kernel itself.

> Does anyone know if the structure misalignment problem in gcc 2.96 is a
> known issue? (could this bug be induced by a RedHat-applied gcc patch,
> if there are any)

gcc 2.96-54 had plenty of bugs, 2.96-75+ should be perfectly fine for
all uses. If you have a 2.96 RH problem please report it in Red Hat
bugzilla - the gcc core folks won't be too interested as they are focused
on 2.95.4 and 3.0.1 bug fixing.

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