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SubjectRe: yenta_socket hangs sager laptop in kernel 2.4.6-> PNPBIOS life saver wrote:
> Hello!
> > We will see what happens. Certainly if someone wants to provide pnpbios code
> > patches for -ac that grab and reserve the motherboard resources from the PCI
> > code go ahead.
> Khm... this does not look simple. Seems, right way involves modification
> of each place, where the same ports are used by kernel.

The PNP0C01 ports are not used by the kernel !
No modifications necessary.

Of course you can teach each driver about their PNP devices, e.g.
my patch for parport_pc.c makes perfect io/irq/dma detection and
saves users from the error-prone procedure to supply module parameters.
Even serial now autodetects IRQ 10 when I give this in my BIOS setup !

> pcmcia-cs had completely private resource manager, so that it just
> did not worry about other subsystems and they still were able to allocate
> the same resources.
> Look f.e. at extermal example, pnpbios announces as "system" resource
> all the memory. :-)

So we have another way besides several INTs to detect the avail mem :-)

> Pallaitive soultions, sort of reserving of ports >= 0x1000 using
> this information do not look cool too.

Gerd's patch rules out your objections and should be included
unconditionally with pnpbios.o.

Probably PNP0C02 wants to be reserved, too.
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