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SubjectRe: Kernel Locking Up
Not much help debugging it, but I can say I've seen the same
thing numerous times on kernels 2.4.[4678] and various -ac
patches (as well as stock kernels). I've tried disabling certain
"newer" features (kernel pppoe for example) and upgrading some
of the other software on the box that was suspect due to it being
relatively active at the time of crash (samba, X, etc.) but have
had no luck yet. I wish I had a serial console to plug in to
see if that turned anything up, because SysRQ doesn't even respond.

On a lighter note, I'm currently running 2.4.8-ac2, and while
the problem isn't gone, it does seem to be less frequent, so I'm
thinking I might try moving to a later 2.4.8-ac or even 2.4.9 if
I get the time this weekend.

I didn't see this at all on 2.4.2, which I ran for a couple
months, so my guess is it's related to something that changed
in 2.4.3 (which I skipped) and 2.4.4, but I haven't had the time
to even consider an exhaustive search through all those possibilities.

Good luck, and let me know if you find anything...


On 08/22/2001 09:46 -0600, Travis Shirk wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Ever since I upgraded to the 2.4.x (currently running 2.4.8)
>> kernels, my machine has been locking up every other day
>> or so. Does anyone have any hints/tips for figuring out
>> what is going on.
>> The symptons are total lock-up of the machine. No mouse
>> movement, all GUI monoitors freeze, and I cannot switch to a
>> virtual console. I'm not able to ping the locked machine or
>> ssh/telnet into it either. So I'm left and
>> the hell to I debug this problem. It'd be nice to have some
>> more information to go on or post to the list.
>> I'm running on a dual PIII 850, and this problem occurs with
>> 2.4.7 and 2.4.8.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Travis
>> --
>> Travis Shirk <travis at pobox dot com>
>> Mathematics is God and Knuth is our prophet.
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