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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: usb not working with 2.4.8-ac8
> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 01:48:57 -0500
> From: Jordan Breeding <>
> To: Pete Zaitcev <>,
> Linux Kernel <>

> Running 2.4.8-ac7 using the alternate uhci driver both my USB keyboard
> and mouse work fine. I can't use the regular uhci driver because it
> aparently has SMP issues with keyboards and like to hard lock the entire
> system, no oops or anything, if any LED key
> (numlock,capslock,scrolllock) is pressed enough times to turn an LED on
> and then off.

I think I fixed it long ago - we shipped it with Red Hat Linux 7.1
on ia64, and in errata for i386. I recall arguing about it with
Georg Archer, and it was accepted into Linus tree. But perhaps not
every hole was plugged.

> Using 2.4.8-ac8 with the patch from below at least works
> more than stock 2.4.8-ac8 but I still get failures: specifically the
> regular uhci driver seems to work perfectly except for the issue noted
> above.

Well, good. If you have an SMP problem - post to the list.
I have 2 SMPs, one with uchi and one with ohci, which run well.
People used to think that USB on SMP was a non-issue, but
unfortunately companies like Dell started to ship rackmounted
SMPs with USB keyboards :)

> But my uchi controller using the alternate uhci driver on
> 2.4.8-ac8 results in an unusable system, and with the patch below kind
> of works. By kind of I mean that it doesn't oops and there aren't any
> of the couldn't assign id type messages but I get a ton of the "raced
> timeout" messages and the mouse and keyboard only sporadically work,

I think the JE uhci forgets to post a callback sometimes,
so I'll look. Meanwhile, try to remove that printout -
it's only for JE uhci bughunt.

-- Pete
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