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SubjectRe: With Daniel Phillips Patch
   From: "Justin T. Gibbs" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 19:32:46 -0600

Perhaps its different for SBUS, but its not different for ISA
or EISA.

Right, you pass in a NULL pci_dev pointer. What is the
problem with that?

Do you believe that it is architecturally correct to have a single
api or multiple apis?

I think just plain different entry points are the way to do things,
because function pointers and/or extra conditional execution rots when
it's really not needed.

The "pci" api already allows you to express this.

There will be a "struct device" in 2.5.x and lots of unification.

Frankly, I'd rather not touch the SBUS drivers though.
All the devices are cast in stone, I'm the only person
who maintains or even works on any of the drivers, and
the less I have to change at this point the better.

David S. Miller

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