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SubjectRe: With Daniel Phillips Patch
>I do not want to even go into the abuse I took in my email when I
>added the original APIs because people had to keep track of the
>damn mappings at all! These people would strangle me if they learnt
>that in HIGHMEM kernels twice as much space was needed to do this
>DMA address tracking.

You have to keep track of the significant bits in the dma_addr_t
regardless of its size, so you put it into your TX descriptor's (or
what have you) native format that doesn't waste any space. You don't
need to keep the full dma_addr_t around. Perhaps this is just sloppy

>I at least comfort myself that those who maintain drivers on several
>platforms, and have an open mind, such as Gerard, for the most part
>support the API I have designed.

If you don't want to take part in technical discussions, you should
work in closed source. 8-)

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