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    SubjectRe: yenta_socket hangs sager laptop in kernel 2.4.6
    In lists.linux.kernel, you wrote:
    > Hello!
    > > Same problem here. I've spend some time today to figure what is going
    > > on. Workaround:
    > > - min = PCIBIOS_MIN_IO;
    > > + min = 0x4000 /* PCIBIOS_MIN_IO */;
    > I do not know how to thank you... You saved my life. :-)
    > How did you guess this?

    Long trial-and-error session. Deactivate code and see if it still does
    crash to narrow down the code lines which trigger the lockup. Once I've
    figured that enabling the I/O-Windows triggers the lookup the guess was
    easy ...

    > > Looks like a ressource conflict to me. The kernel gives I/O ranges to
    > > the cardbus socket which it thinks are free but which are *not* free for
    > > some reason (and probably used for APM stuff). BIOS bug? PCI quirks
    > > time?
    > The same hardware is here, Mitac M722. :-) BTW what bios is installed
    > on your one?

    "SYSTEM BIOS R1.02"

    > Anyway, Windows with the _same_ bios manages to guess and to reserve
    > a few of ports tagged as some obscure "motherboard resources":
    > 230-233, 398-399, 4d0-4d1, 1000-103f(!), 1400-140f(!) and 3810-381f.
    > yenta_socket eats ones marked with !. At least 1400 is really critical,
    > it is interface to SM mode.

    0x1000 is critical too. Activating the first I/O window only is enough
    to hang the notebook on any APM activity.

    > So, probably, more correct fix
    > is something sort of:
    > --- mitac-quirk.c
    > [ reserve resources ]

    I've also noticed this in the boot messages:

    PCI: PCI BIOS revision 2.10 entry at 0xeb1d0, last bus=0
    PCI: Using configuration type 1
    PCI: Probing PCI hardware
    PCI: Using IRQ router PIIX [8086/7198] at 00:07.0
    PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 0 of device 00:0b.0
    got res[10000000:10000fff] for resource 0 of Texas Instruments PCI1410 PC card Cardbus Controller
    got res[10001000:10001fff] for resource 0 of PCI device 1033:00cd (NEC Corporation)
    PCI: BIOS reporting unknown device 00:01
    PCI: BIOS reporting unknown device 00:02

    The "unknown device" looks suspicious to me ...


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