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SubjectRE: [PATCH,RFC] make ide-scsi more selective

> Here's an end-user perspective for you... I just spent 2 days
> trying to
> figure out how to use my CD-RW drive to read when using
> ide-scsi, before
> I finnaly realized that I had to do it by disabling ATAPI CD
> support and
> enabling SCSI CD support..

Also note:

The SCSI-CD driver is also required if you want any kind of
reasonable performance for cdparanoia (the music CD ripper),
even for perfectly ordinary CD or DVD drives. This took me
a couple tries last weekend, and I even knew what the problem

Is there _any_ hardware where the ide-cd driver works better
than ide-scsi emulation?

If not, I suppose the only reason to keep it around is so
people don't need to compile all the SCSI support just for
ordinary access to ISO-9660 cds with an IDE CDROM.

In the meantime, perhaps the kernel configuration help could
mention this little gotcha? And maybe distributions should
make ide-scsi the default? At least CD ripping would work
"out of the box" like that.

Torrey Hoffman
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