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SubjectRe: [PATCH,RFC] make ide-scsi more selective
I just double checked my system. Sure enough I'm using ide-scsi
along with hdd="ide-scsi" with lilo. It grabs hdd, which is my HP-7200
CD-RW and leaves hdc, which is my DVD alone. I've no trouble at all
in reading or writing to hdd; no different kernel images, nothing. I
use modules and have them normally loaded at boot time since I routinely
use both drives to read from. My understanding was that I only needed
the hdd="ide-scsi" in lilo to prevent ATAPI from grabbing all the drives
it found. BTW, everything pertaining to scsi is a module on this system.

Mike Hobgood

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 03:39:12PM -0700, Nicholas Knight wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 August 2001 03:00 pm, Ion Badulescu wrote:
> > On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Nicholas Knight wrote:
> > > Here's an end-user perspective for you... I just spent 2 days trying
> > > to figure out how to use my CD-RW drive to read when using ide-scsi,
> > > before I finnaly realized that I had to do it by disabling ATAPI CD
> > > support and enabling SCSI CD support..
> >
> > Just doing hdX=scsi would have been enough, however. Except it doesn't
> > work (currently) if ide-scsi is a module.
> Could you elaborate on this? I almost never use modules for my primary
> desktop system, SCSI emulation support and SCSI generic driver were both
> compiled in, and I had "hdc=ide-scsi" and later also tried "hdc=scsi" and
> I was unable to read from it with any device, /dev/sr0 /dev/sda /dev/scd0
> were all dead-ends, but I was able to WRITE just fine... I just don't
> want to reboot every time I want to write to the drive, nor reboot when I
> want to READ from it.
> Disabling ATAPI CD-ROM support, and enabling SCSI CD-ROM (along with SCSI
> emulation support and SCSI generic support) worked, and now I just access
> both my CD-RW drive and my DVD-ROM drive through /dev/sr0 and /dev/sr1.
> My primary concern here is other users who haven't figured this out, I
> know at least one ATAPI/IDE CD-R(W) in Linux HOWTO tells the user that
> they'll have to use two seperate kernel images, one to allow reading from
> their drive and the other for writing, infact that was my original method.
> > I agree with Alan that the problem is the grab-on-load strategy that
> > ide-scsi (and ide-cd for that matter) uses. I am willing to look into
> > changing that to grab-on-open but I'm not sure if the change is an
> > appropriate one for a stable series kernel -- it looks pretty
> > non-trivial.
> >
> > Ion
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