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SubjectRe: [PATCH,RFC] make ide-scsi more selective
On Wednesday 22 August 2001 02:17 pm, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I've been rather annoyed by a dual problem in the ide-scsi setup:
> > during initialisation, ide-scsi will claim ALL currently unassigned
> > IDE devices. This is a problem in modular setups, since there's
> > no guarantee that currently unassigned devices actually are intended
> > for ide-scsi.
> The real problem is that the drivers are claiming resources on load not
> on open. Why shouldnt I be able to load ide-cd and ide-scsi and open
> either /dev/hda or /dev/sr0 but not both together ?

Here's an end-user perspective for you... I just spent 2 days trying to
figure out how to use my CD-RW drive to read when using ide-scsi, before
I finnaly realized that I had to do it by disabling ATAPI CD support and
enabling SCSI CD support..
This is a severe inconvienience to the end-user who doesn't know what the
problem is, esspecialy since I only found the answer to the problem in a
couple places, I had to go through a ton of google search results to find
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