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SubjectRe: brlock_is_locked()?
Mr. Miller,

--- "David S. Miller" <> wrote:
> From: Brad Chapman <>
> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 11:53:51 -0700 (PDT)
> It's not really a deficiency. Rusty apparently decided that in
> order to be SMP-compliant and to prevent Oopses, that the unregistration
> function should grab the brlock so that all the packets would pass through
> the protocol-handling functions.
> So arrange you code such that you aren't holding the netproto
> lock when you call the unregistration function.
> It is possible to shut down all references to whatever you
> are unregistering, safely drop the lock, then call the
> netfilter unregister routine.

I understand that. What I'm afraid of is someone who writes a third-party
protocol module for ip_conntrack (or ip6_conntrack) and tries to call the wrapper
with BR_NETPROTO_LOCK held. LISB, IMHO the primary difficulty is not protecting
the protocol linked-list from packets inside the conntrack; it's protecting the
protocol linked-list from packets in the netfilter stack. FWICT, it should
be almost impossible for packets to move around in conntrack with the rwlock
but not the brlock; but strange things can happen......

> (I checked the brlock code and didn't find any schedule()s; there's
> probably a reason for that).
> Ummm, this is SMP 101, you can't sleep with a lock held.
> The global kernel lock is special in this regard, but all
> other SMP locking primitives may not sleep.

Grrr....I read Rusty's Unreliable Guide to Kernel Locking (twice) and
still didn't remember that. Guess you have to schedule() yourself.

> Later,
> David S. Miller


Brad Chapman

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