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SubjectRe: [patch] 3Ware 64 bit locking issues
>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Radford <> writes:

Adam> Thanks for flags type fix and redundant pushf/popf fix.
Adam> Regarding your question about the error handling routines, the
Adam> 3ware driver uses the new style scsi error handling, so looking
Adam> through scsi_error.c, all calls to
Adam> hostt->eh_abort_handler() and hostt->eh_host_reset_handler() are
Adam> wrapped with a spin_lock_irqsave(&io_request_lock, flags) and
Adam> spin_unlock_irqrestore(&io_request_lock, flags) so they should
Adam> be okay.

Hmm ok. However, since Jens is working on killing the io_request_lock
so something will need to get done when that happens.

Jens, what is the strategy for that?

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