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SubjectPATCH: SYM-2 driver for Linux-2.5 (proposal)


My proposal for inclusion of the SYM-2 driver in Linux 2.5 is available
from the following location (modulo mistakes :)):

The patch is against kernel 2.4.8. It should also apply to 2.4.9 , but I
didn't give this latest kernel a try for the moment.

The proposal consists in the following:

- The current SYM53C8XX and NCR53C8XX drivers are left in place.
- The current SYM53C8XX driver name is now "SYM53C8XX Version 1".
- For historical reasons, the new driver name is "SYM53C8XX Version 2"
- The new driver files are added in linux/drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/
- When linked statically, the 2 SYM53C8XX driver versions are mutually

This proposal also applies to inclusion in either 2.4.X kernel or 2.2.X
kernel if this ever gets desirable.

Comments, reports and fixes are welcome.


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