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SubjectRe: 2.4.8/2.4.8-ac7 sound crashes

> no problems like this for me.
> GCC 2.95.3, SB16 "Value" (don't ask me why they named > it that, it's just
> like a regular SB16 ISA as far as I can tell), > vanilla 2.4.8, mpg123 is
> version 0.59r, says june 15th 1999, I'll see if there's a newer version.
> I also use XMMS and it works fine.
> What motherboard are you using? is the SB16 PCI or ISA? if it's ISA do
> you have persistant DMA buffers enabled in the kernel? (not sure if that
> would cause this or not)

ISA Creative SB16/ Zida 5DVX/ NO persistant DMA buffers.
But i think its all unrelated, due to the fact, that
2.4.7 is okay for me since it came out...



Samium Gromoff
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