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SubjectRe: [PATCH] let Net Devices feed Entropy, updated (1/2)
On Mon, 2001-08-20 at 21:11, Theodore Tso wrote:
> A number of other people helped me with the design and development of
> the /dev/random driver, including one of the primary authors of the
> random number generation routines in PGP 2.x and 5.0. Most folks feel
> that it does a good job.

It does :)

Thank you for adding to this thread. I want your opinion: as the author
of /dev/random, its your turf. What do you think of the patch? It has
been posted for various kernel versions, the newest patches are at

Obviously there is a theoretical risk, that is why it is configurable.
Is the need or the practical risk sufficient that the patch is useful?
I have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

If the patch were to be merged into the kernel, would you like anything
changed? Would a /proc interface be useful (this would add overhead,
right now there is zero extra code after compile)? What about changing
the entropy estimate to reflect the possible less entropy from net

Personally, I like the patch as is, but these have been issues raised.

Robert M. Love
rml at
rml at

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