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SubjectRe: Problems with SMP on most kernels (apic and "stuck on TLB IPI wait"-error)
On 2001.08.21 14:01 Christian Widmer wrote:
> sorry i just saw that you have a via chipset. i didn't realise that
> your mail continues below the error-msg-list - sorry again.
> that bord you have is know for that problem, i've them too.
> just be fine with noapic. i don't know it asus fixed there bios
> with in the latest release. i didn't try since it works with no apic,
> since i live with "never touch a running system - murfy is watching
> you" :)

This is the (latest) BIOS update
I don't see any information about the VIA694XDP Chipset that I have

I am not very sure about updating this bios. If it would say
"This BIOS update fixes some VIA chipset bugs" then okay but now..
blindly installing a new bios :-\ I don't know..

Is there another way to get around this problem ? I don't have
any problems with the fact that I have to use "noapic" but I do have
problems with the fact that at this moment, with a 2.2.x kernel I
get "stuck on TLB IPI wait" errors and on a 2.4.x the system hangs
when switching console to X.

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @
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