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SubjectRe: On Network Drivers......

--- Alan Cox <> wrote:

>> A driver of layered one.., in which one layer
>> communicates with another. But overall there
>> should be only one driver . (Just like Stream's
>> drivers, but we don't want Stream Drivers).

> We have a single layer between the network stack and
> the drivers. However nothing stops drivers from
> implementing multiple layers internally or
> calling back into other drivers. shaper is an
> example of a driver that calls other drivers.

Can you please explain something about implementing
multiple layers internally in a Network Driver
inform me where i can find information (Source code)

Today i have searched a lot to find any
information related to the Network driver(in which
multiple layers has to develop internally) in
Internet, but i could not found any source code or
information in Internet.

With Thanks,

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