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SubjectBackporting drivers from 2.4 to 2.2

Is there a document somewhere that has some hints and tips for
backporting 2.4 drivers to the 2.2 series? I have the O'Reilly
Linux Device Drivers (second edition) book by Rubini and Corbet,
but it's a little thin on this problem.

Specifically, the new 2.4 PCI-related functions like:
pci_alloc_consistent, pci_free_consistent, pci_enable_device...

>From this newbie's point of view, it seems that it would be really
nice to have a little library of functions that wrap the older 2.2
style interface to provide the 2.4-style functions... or is this
impossible to do in a general way?

Thanks for any advice...

Torrey Hoffman
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