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SubjectRe: With Daniel Phillips Patch (was: aic7xxx with 2.4.9 on 7899P)
On August 22, 2001 12:44 am, Sven Heinicke wrote:
> Great, with 2.4.8-ac8 I get no memory problems. Can you tell me what
> file(s) where modified to fix this to I can look for the fixes in
> future vanilla kernels?
> Thanks! Now to work on the drive speed problem, it's faster with your
> fix but still slower at writing then my IDE drive on another systems.

It's a highmem scanning problem, these were supposed to be fixed in a series
of changes back in 2.4.8-pre, but they're not completely gone yet. I've cc'd
a few people who've shown interest in this ugly^H^H^H^H particular corner of
the kernel, but now I'm shutting down for the night. Guys, can you please
take a look at this one? It's time to put the highmem allocation problem
definitively to rest. Most likely, this problem occurs in -ac as well, just
with less frequency.

> Daniel Phillips writes:
> > On August 21, 2001 06:48 pm, Sven Heinicke wrote:
> > > Yes, highmem was on, the stystem got 4G of memory. I turned off
> > > highmem and got no messages apart from one:
> > >
> > > Aug 21 07:29:19 ps1 kernel: (scsi0:A:0:0): Locking max tag count at 64
> > >
> > > which I was getting before.
> > >
> > > Disk access is faster then before but still slower then the IDE
> > > drive. Any ideas?
> >
> > Two separate problems, I think. I don't know anything about the aic7xxx
> > driver but I can take a look at the highmem problem. First, can you try
> > it with highmem enabled, on a recent -ac kernel, say 2.4.8-ac7.
> >
> > --
> > Daniel

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