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SubjectRe: PROBLEM : PCI hotplug crashes with 2.4.9
The offending command is "/sbin/modprobe ohci1394".

Thank you for your help.

I will dig around ieee1394 tomorrow.



David Brownell a écrit :

> > I was a bit lazy, writing by memory : you are right the system says
> >
> > "pcimodules is scanning more than 00:00.0"
> >
> > but onluy this line and crashes. Under 2.4.6, it scans all the pci
> > adresses.
> Then you should be able to try reproducing this by hand,
> without hotplug scripts at all. Is it "pcimodules" that's making
> it crash? Or is it the subsequent "modprobe" commands?
> Neither of those is supposed to be able to crash the kernel.
> You should be able to track this down pretty easily. Disable
> the /etc/hotplug/pci.rc script for a moment ("pci.rc-"), boot, then
> run it by hand like "sh -x pci.rc start". That's pretty much the way
> it's done at boot time, except that by passing the "-x" you get
> some nice debug output, and will be able to see what user
> mode command caused the crash.
> - Dave
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