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SubjectRe: Qlogic/FC firmware
> >>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:
> >> If the firmware was out of date, update it to a known "Qlogic stamp
> >> of approval" version.
> Alan> That requires sorting licensing out with Qlogic. I've talked to
> Alan> them usefully about other stuff so I'll pursue it for a seperate
> Alan> firmware loader module.
> Well getting firmware out of them tends to be up and down.
> However I just looked through the QLogic v4.27 provided driver from
> their web site and it does in fact included firmware with a GPL
> license.
> Dave, if you want to play with this and stick it into the qlogicfc.c
> driver then you will at least have something that sorta works for now
> (module all the other problems with that driver).
> They do have a stupid 'read and agree' license in front of that page
> if you go in via the official door, however if the code
> inside is GPL then I asume it's GPL.
> Cheers
> Jes

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