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Subject[PATCH] umsdos, kernel 2.4.9

I noticed, that sometimes the EMD file (--linux-.---) does not contain
the full name of the files in the directores, which results in file
not found errors. It happens, e.g. when extracting the HTML version of
the PHP manual (

The problem occurs when a directory entry crosses a page boundary.
The contents of the second page are copied from the wrong starting
address. The patch below solves this problem.


diff -ruN linux-2.4.9.orig/fs/umsdos/emd.c linux-2.4.9/fs/umsdos/emd.c
--- linux-2.4.9.orig/fs/umsdos/emd.c Sun Aug 19 10:31:51 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/fs/umsdos/emd.c Sun Aug 19 10:43:15 2001
@@ -259,10 +259,10 @@
p->ctime = cpu_to_le32(entry->ctime);
p->rdev = cpu_to_le16(entry->rdev);
p->mode = cpu_to_le16(entry->mode);
- memcpy(p->name,entry->name,
+ memcpy(p->spare,entry->spare,
(char *)(page_address(page) + PAGE_CACHE_SIZE) - p->spare);
- entry->spare+PAGE_CACHE_SIZE-offs,
+ ((char*)entry)+PAGE_CACHE_SIZE-offs,
ret = mapping->a_ops->commit_write(NULL,page2,0,
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