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SubjectRe: [OOPS] repeatable 2.4.8-ac7, 2.4.7-ac6 [I] just run xdos
"Eric W. Biederman" wrote:
> Paul <> writes:
> > "Eric W. Biederman" <>, on Mon Aug 20, 2001 [12:09:27 AM]
> > said:
> >
> >
> > > If you can rule out X stracing dosemu might be of some help. The
> > > challenge now is to track down what dosemu is doing that is triggering
> > > the problem.
> > >
> > > As an interrupt handler is where the oops is occuring. Finding an
> > > immediate cause and effect could be tricky.
> > >
> > > Eric
> >
> > Dear Eric;
> >
> > Ok. I oopsed/locked the machine running 'dos' in a vt,
> > without X in single user mode. Then I did it again, stracing the
> > session. Unfortunately, the fs was left in such a state, that
> > fsck completely chucked the logfile out. Then I booted 2.2.18, and
> > tried. I could not make it oops.
> > I need to setup a test machine to persue this farther, as
> > locking and fscking my main box is no fun:) Ill try to get that
> > strace...
> O.k. That rules out all kinds of things. What is interesting at first
> glance is that a) Every oops has been in an interrupt handler. and
> b) It is never remotely at the same location.
> I'm beginning to suspect there is some kind of hardware problem. But it
> is very weird. I wonder if dos 6.2 somehow tickles a bug in the media GX
> processor. Though my top canidate is probably the lazy state switching
> introduced in 2.4. I know there were some problems with the ldt that were
> fixed, and there might be another case out there. But I'm just guessing
> in the dark.
> If you can reproduce this on a second machine that would definentily help.
> Eric

I have the same problem on a K7-800. My kernel is 2.4.7-ac3 (with K7
optimization!). Everything else seems to work fine, but dosemu locks up
the computer when running certain games.
Sometimes I can play for quite some time (1/2 hour or more) without
problems. Eventually it will freeze. It feels like it is triggered by
mouse activity.

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