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SubjectRE: /dev/random in 2.4.6
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> Sent: Tuesday, 21 August 2001 03:46
> To: Alex Bligh - linux-kernel
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> Subject: Re: /dev/random in 2.4.6
> A little question: I used to believe that crypto software
> requires strong random source to generate key pairs, but this
> requirement in not true for session keys. You don't usually
> generate a key pair on a remote system, of course, so that's
> not a big issue. On low-entropy systems (headless servers) is
> /dev/urandom strong enough to generate session keys? I guess
> the little entropy collected by the system is enough to feed
> the crypto secure PRNG for /dev/urandom, is it correct?

I dunno about you, but I want good random for session keys too! You can
still capture network traffic and decrypt at your leisure if you can
determine what the "random" number was used in making the session key.


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