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SubjectRE: sound crashes in 2.4

> >
> > 2.4.8 dies after ~1/2 minute of mpg123 playback,
> > with tty switching freeze, and typing out
> > continuously (i`d say infinitely) call trace.
> >
> > ac7 acts this way too, but before death
> > sound stalls *some* times, i then each time restart
> > the proggie which emits it. This pattern survives
> > 4-5 stalls, after which - final trace dump.
> >
> > gcc-2.95.3, sb16 - genuine, vanilla ac7, vanilla
> > 2.4.8.

I have the same problems with an ALS007 card (in a 486 system).
The card is correctly recognized and set up by the PnP drivers.

The system freezes completely when using sound (no ping replies
anymore), and it's not a CPU/motherboard/RAM issue
(it compiles kernels without any problems), it occurs while
playing MP3's, while playing LxDoom ( now i have an excuse
to play Doom, testing the Linux sound drivers ;) ).
The time after which it crashes is variable, sometimes it crashes
immediately, sometimes it crashes after 5 minutes.
Sometimes, it also stalls a few times before finally crashing.

Having persistant DMA buffers enabled/disabled doesn't change
anything (the machine has 16MB of RAM), and the problem occurs
both when using modules or compiled-in drivers.

Both 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 have this problem (these are the ones I tried).
Btw on 2.2.x i get DMA (output) timeout errors (and broken sound).

There is also another "issue":
the ISAPnP code calls "CMI8330 quirk". As i have no such
card, i thought this was related to the problem. After
commenting it out in quirks.c and recompiling, the quirk
was not called anymore, but it didn't solve the problem.


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