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SubjectRe: Stallion EasyIO and devfs
Donald Thompson writes:
> devfsd and the compatability links work correctly as of 2.4.8 with the
> patch you provided.
> This is quite possibly user error and not a kernel issue, but it seems
> pppd 2.4.1 breaks once I've got the stallion card under devfsd with
> compatability links.
> mgetty runs on device lets say, /dev/ttyE2 (symlink to /dev/ttyE/2), and
> passes off incoming connections to pppd. I'm expecting pppd is gonna want
> to look at /etc/ppp/options.ttyE2, but its not.
> If I change stallion.c at around line 145 from:
> static char *stl_serialname = "ttyE/%d";
> To:
> static char *stl_serialname = "ttyE%d";
> so that the real device becomes /dev/ttyE2 rather than a symlink to
> /dev/ttyE/2 pppd starts looking at the correct options file.

The recent versions of devfsd expect the Stallion devices to have the
name tts/E%d, so this suggests that you are running a virgin
kernel. So grab devfs-patch-v187 and devfsd-v1.3.17 (or later) and try
again. If you still have problems, run strace and analyse the result.


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