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SubjectRe: 2.4.8 aic7xxx -- continuous bus resets
On 16 Aug 2001, at 18:01, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:

> >
> >I thought I'd look at the 2.4.8 kernel while I figure out what's
> >wrong with my 2.2.18 installation. The kernel loading gets stuck with
> >errors from the aic7xxx driver, which keeps timeing out querying the
> >bus looking for non-existant drives, and when it finaly tries to
> >query a drive that exists it claims to see bus errors. End result is
> >that Linux 2.4.8 never mounts any drives or finishes loading.
> >
> >The system is an IBM 704 with a built in adaptec aic-7880U
> >controller, with two drives on first scsi buss.
> >
> >2.2.18 has no problems with the adaptec controllers, but has other
> >issues, which seem to be timer related.
> 2.4.9 has the latest aic7xxx driver in it. Can you see if that changes
> things for you? If not, can you hook up a serial console to the machine
> and provide all of the messages from an aic7xxx=verbose boot?

Ok, tried 2.4.9. With 1 ioapic the machine boots just fine. With the
second ioapic enabled the behavior I previously described still

attempting to Queue abort
aic7xxx_abort returns 8194

These are the only error messages I copied down, I believe that there
was another, will reboot and check later.

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