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SubjectRe: 2.4.8 aic7xxx -- continuous bus resets
On 16 Aug 2001, at 18:01, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:

> >
> >I thought I'd look at the 2.4.8 kernel while I figure out what's
> >wrong with my 2.2.18 installation. The kernel loading gets stuck with
> >errors from the aic7xxx driver, which keeps timeing out querying the
> >bus looking for non-existant drives, and when it finaly tries to
> >query a drive that exists it claims to see bus errors. End result is
> >that Linux 2.4.8 never mounts any drives or finishes loading.
> >
> >The system is an IBM 704 with a built in adaptec aic-7880U
> >controller, with two drives on first scsi buss.
> >
> >2.2.18 has no problems with the adaptec controllers, but has other
> >issues, which seem to be timer related.
> 2.4.9 has the latest aic7xxx driver in it. Can you see if that changes
> things for you? If not, can you hook up a serial console to the machine
> and provide all of the messages from an aic7xxx=verbose boot?

Downloading now, will try this afternoon and let you know.

Another person mentioned that there might be an irq routing problem,
and using 'noapic' might fix the problem also. The machine has two
ioapics, and it is possible to disable one through the bios setup. I
have noticed that interrupt routeing is quite different with both
ioapics enabled than with just one.

Is there any benefit to enableing both, and will enableing just one
fix the issue?

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