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Subjectdepmod -a: unresolved symbols

Looks like it gonna be a silly question.
I am getting some messages about unresolved symbols from depmod -a
each time I boot. Thought that is harmless until today.

Now I'm trying to set up an NFS and "modprobe nfsd" fails:
nfsd.o: unresolved symbol nfsd_linkage

In kernel sources I see:
nfsd_linkage defined and EXPORT_SYMBOLed in fs/filesystems.c
(linked in vmlinux and bzimage, I see it in,
referenced from fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c (later linked into nfsd.o)
So, why modprobe can't see it?

kernel: 2.4.5
I did
make dep && \
make clean && \
make bzImage && \
make modules && \
make modules_install

Please CC me. I'm not on the list.
Best regards,

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