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SubjectRe: Fw: select(), EOF...
On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Carlos Fernández Sanz wrote:

> a strace shows it works differently
> nanosleep({1, 0}, {1, 0}) = 0
> fstat(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0600, st_size=227128, ...}) = 0
> rt_sigprocmask(SIG_BLOCK, [CHLD], [RT_0], 8) = 0
> rt_sigaction(SIGCHLD, NULL, {SIG_DFL}, 8) = 0
> rt_sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, [RT_0], NULL, 8) = 0
> the file is opened just once (as I expected), and tail sleeps in nanosleep
> () until the file grows. I think strace isn't showing more nanosleep() as it
> should be looping there. BTW what's the reason for the sigprocmask, etc?

Huh. You're right. It seems that tail has changed since I last looked at the
source. Now it uses stat() instead. However, tail in textutils 2.0.11 still
calls sleep(). I don't know how sleep() is implemented, but it's not
impossible for it to use nanosleep() and signals. I believe I read something
about SIGALRM...

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <>

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