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SubjectRe: kswap spinning
On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:

> > Could you please boot with profile=2 and use readprofile to find out where
> > kswapd is spending its time?
> Well, I've just noted Linus made kswapd loop as long as there is any
> kind (inactive or free) shortage.

Well, duh. Let me explain.

>From mm/vmscan.c::kswapd() a short comment I wrote while
implementing part of the current VM:

* We go to sleep if either the free page shortage
* or the inactive page shortage is gone. We do this
* because:
* 1) we need no more free pages or
* 2) the inactive pages need to be flushed to disk,
* it wouldn't help to eat CPU time now ...
* We go to sleep for one second, but if it's needed
* we'll be woken up earlier...
if (!free_shortage() || !inactive_shortage()) {
interruptible_sleep_on_timeout(&kswapd_wait, HZ);

I wonder when Linus lost his ability to read comments ;)


IA64: a worthy successor to i860.

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