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SubjectRe: [Linux-ATM-General] PATCH: linux-2.4.9/drivers/atm to new module_{init,exit} + some pci_device_id tables
>From: John Fraizer <atm@EnterZone.Net>
>Just a quick question. Please be gentl. I'm not a kernel hack. I just
>want to make sure that it will still be possible to build a monolythic
>kernel with ATM support. If not, that is a BAD thing.

Yes, you still can. module_{init,exit} are defined in
the monolithic case to add the initialization routine to a list
of initializers that the kernel calls in do_initcalls
(in linux/init/main.c), and to compile the module_exit call
into nothing. This way, you can have a driver that is written
like a module but actually supports both the modular and monolithic
cases without need for #ifdef's and different code for the two cases.
That is the primary point of the module_{init,exit} scheme.

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