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SubjectPATCH - One line AWE32 driver bug fix.

Version 2.4.9 (Applies to 2.2.x kernels too)

The sound blaster awe32 wave driver has for as long as I can remember
(back to 2.2.4?) unreliably detected the on-board ram size for awe32
and awe64 cards. Having looked at the code this was an obvious mistake
in the choice of constant. The author chose a number of 0xFFFF which is
written to the card and then read if the value read equals "0xFFFF" then
the write was assumed to be succeful and the driver increments a bit and
trys again. Unfortunately reading from a port which has no hardware by
default (I think) returns 0xFFFF. Meaning the scan often ran off the
end of the memory. Changing the value to 0xABCD seems to produce 100%
reliable memory size detection.

Hope to see this in the kernel soon to save me doing it each time I
download it!!

Dave Fennell.


--- drivers/sound/awe_wave.c.orig Tue Aug 21 00:35:33 2001
+++ drivers/sound/awe_wave.c Tue Aug 21 00:36:26 2001
@@ -4873,7 +4873,7 @@
/* any three numbers you like */
#define UNIQUE_ID1 0x1234
#define UNIQUE_ID2 0x4321
-#define UNIQUE_ID3 0xFFFF
+#define UNIQUE_ID3 0xABCD

static void __init
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