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SubjectRe: aic7xxx errors with 2.4.8-ac7 on 440gx mobo
Stefan Fleiter wrote:
> Hi Alan!
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 Alan Cox wrote:
>>>>With 2.4.8-ac7, I get SCSI errors and the kernel fails to boot. If I
>>>>compile with APIC enabled and APIC on UP also enabled, it boots
>>>I'm getting similair errors on 2.4.8-ac7 on my P2B-S motherboard using
>>>the NEW AIC7xxx driver, the old isn't experiencing these problems. Further
>>>i've been getting these errors since 2.4.3.
>>There is a known BIOS irq routing table problem with a large number of Intel
>>BIOS boards with onboard adaptec controllers.
> I have the same problem, but my Adaptec is _not_ onboard.


This is *not* the same problem. The original poster can't get his
system booted at all (and that includes the fact that it won't even find
all the drives and read partition tables or anything like that). Your
system is getting much further along. Absolutely 0 progress is *vastly*
different from progress mixed with some errors.


Doug Ledford <>
Please check my web site for aic7xxx updates/answers before
e-mailing me about problems

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