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    SubjectRe: [OOPS] repeatable 2.4.8-ac7, 2.4.7-ac6 [I] just run xdos
    "Eric W. Biederman" <>, on Sun Aug 19, 2001 [02:30:29 PM] said:
    > There are a number of cases, where dosemu is different enough it has
    > been known to cause code to go down buggy non-common paths and cause
    > things to fail. This has happened with both X and the kernel.
    > I suspect that is what is happening here.
    > Paul is dosemu configured to do any direct hardware access?
    > Also of interest is that this crash is not even directly triggered by
    > the dosemu process. Instead an interrupt handler is doing something
    > bad.
    > Paul If you can verify that dosemu isn't doing any direct hardware
    > access. i.e. Dosemu isn't suid root, and you have no ports lines
    > you should be fine.
    > Eric
    Dear Eric;

    No, the program isnt setuid, nor run by root, and no
    ports specified in the config. Let me know if there is anything
    further I can do.


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