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SubjectRe: Swap size for a machine with 2GB of memory
Yes, i changed this value.
But i also changed a lot of other #define with bigger values, because
of the eavy use of all HW resources my users were needing. (maximum number
of processes and so on...)

It has been funny.
First i installed via NFS the slackware-current for sparc (now obsoleted,
and developed at sourceforge as splackware),
then i upgraded the kernel, then i installed a new disk
to make the swap and so on...

The latest kernel i used before the 3500 was sended to other uses
was 2.4.7.

The worser kernel on that server was 2.4.5, absolutelly it had the worst
VM i ever saw on ultrasparc.


On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Steven Cole wrote:

> On Sunday 19 August 2001 01:29 pm, Luigi Genoni wrote:
> [snipped]
> > On my ultrasparc linux with 4 GByte of RAM running 2.4.X kernels,
> > I needed to add a 8 GB disk just for
> > swap (16 partitions of 512 MB each one).
> --------^^
> Just curious, in linux-2.4.9/include/linux/swap.h line 11, we have:
> #define MAX_SWAPFILES 8
> Did you change this to 16, or does this not matter anymore?
> This value is the same in 2.4.8-ac7.
> Steven

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