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SubjectRe[2]: 2.4.x & Celeron = very slow system
Hello Dave,

Sunday, August 19, 2001, 4:22:40 PM, you wrote:

DJ> On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Serguei I. Ivantsov wrote:

>> With 2.4.x kernel my system (Celeron (Coppermine) 850Mhz (100x8.5)
>> 256Mb i810) behaves like slow i386sx.
>> For example, when I extract 25MB gzip file on 2.2.19 kernel - it
>> takes about 12 seconds, but with 2.4.8(9) - 6(!) MINUTES on the SAME
>> system...
>> The only idea is that 2.4.x kernel turns off cache (L1 & L2) on
>> processor (on my cpu). How can I check it? Any ideas?

DJ> No, we don't do any such frobbing of the cache control registers.
DJ> It is enabled in the BIOS right ?
It is enabled in BIOS.
DJ> Another thing that it might be, is if you're using ACPI instead of
DJ> APM, the cpu-idle may be causing the CPU to run slower than usual
DJ> though throttling.
I'd disabled APM support at all when configuring kernel.
DJ> Although, I've not seen this happen to the extent of what you're
DJ> reporting. If you are running with an ACPI kernel, try booting
DJ> with an APM kernel instead to see if it makes a difference.
Maybe there is some software to test which subsystem fails
(cpu,vm,etc)? Is it possible that software from RH7.0 distribution
can't work correctly with new kernel?

Best regards,

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