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Subject[PATCH] config options for USB

I noticed that 2.4.8 introduced Jimme Mayfield's Datafab and Jumpshot USB
drivers. However, there are no entries in There were also
other new features added (ISD200) that are also missing entries, though
since I don't know anything about them, I didn't create entries for them.

diff -ru linux-2.4.9.orig/drivers/usb/ linux-2.4.9/drivers/usb/
--- linux-2.4.9.orig/drivers/usb/ Wed Jun 27 13:59:32 2001
+++ linux-2.4.9/drivers/usb/ Sun Aug 19 12:29:03 2001
@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@
bool ' USB Mass Storage verbose debug' CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DEBUG
bool ' Freecom USB/ATAPI Bridge support' CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_FREECOM
bool ' Microtech CompactFlash/SmartMedia reader' CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DPCM
+ bool ' Datafab MDCFE-B Compact Flash Reader' CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DATAFAB
+ bool ' Lexar Jumpshot Compact Flash Reader' CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_JUMPSHOT
dep_tristate ' USB Modem (CDC ACM) support' CONFIG_USB_ACM $CONFIG_USB
dep_tristate ' USB Printer support' CONFIG_USB_PRINTER $CONFIG_USB
Mike Castle
We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan. -- Watchmen
fatal ("You are in a maze of twisty compiler features, all different"); -- gcc
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