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SubjectRe: [PATCH] processes with shared vm
On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

> Terje Eggestad writes:
> > On 17 Aug 2001 wrote:
> >> Why not just print out the address of the 'mm_struct'?
> >>
> >> That lets 'ps' treat the address as a cookie, and
> >> thus count the number of occurences of each vm.
> No, I won't make 'ps' do that. Ever wonder why 'ps' doesn't
> sort processes by default? It isn't OK to suck up lots of
> memory or reparse the files. This is bad for performance and
> causes extra trouble when a kernel bug causes /proc/42/status to
> freeze the 'ps' process.
> Also your proposal would require 'ps' to _always_ read the
> data for _every_ process in the system.

BTW, Why is ps reading the status file at all????
what info is there that is not in cmndline/stat/statm??

> > Not a bad idea, One reason is that I've an inate distrust of using
> > addresses as anything remotely useful. BTW, do you want the tag in hex
> > or dec??
> Either... hex is nice I guess.
> > keep in mind 32 and 64 bit machines, it must actually be a 64 bit!
> Nah, this gets you enough: (unsigned)(ptr_to_mm>>sizeof(long))

hmmmmm, the MSB 32 bit??? that would almost always be the same for all
kernel pointers, surely you mean (unsigned) (ptr_to_mm & 0xffffffff) ??

A point though, guess the kernel is never going to use > 4Gb of VM.

> > What I really wanted was a list of pids of the clones.
> > ps/top/gtop could then use it as an exclude list for futher processing...
> Nope. This is not enough for sane thread support in 'ps'.
> Information is lost across the kernel-user boundry. It would
> be relatively easy for the kernel to provide a /proc directory
> listing that groups processes by mm_struct. Without this, 'ps'
> would have to regenerate the lost information in an inefficient
> way.

Not sure what you're getting at if you use the address of mm_struct as
a clone tag, you *do* have to keep track of all read clone tags, right?

What DO you need for sane thread support.....

> BTW, 'ps' is now here:
> > Trouble is that returning more than 4kb in a file in proc is a pain,
> > and there is no guarantee that someone make will not a 1000 clones.
> > ref the recent problem with maps exceeding 4kb.
> >
> > (I might be paranoid, you get ~170 (1024/6) pids in 1kb, assuming 16bit
> > pid.
> Yes, one has to assume that some cracker or sicko will do that.
> > using the lowest pid seems a good compromise.
> The PID may wrap.

kept thinking that the first clone is unlikely to ever die, but
you're right, new clones may very well have a lower pid, which will
of course throw of ps and likes. (damn)

> > I still think the overhead is neglible.
> > What's the upper practial limit of procs ~64k? (more like 4k.)
> On an SSI cluster, way more I'd guess.
> > How many instructions to tranvers the task list and test mm_struct
> > pointer for equality? O(10) per task.? assuming all clones we're talking
> > about ~650k instructions, and with 100mips machines (with 64k task, that's
> > slow1) thats 1/200 second overhead every time you do cat
> > /proc/[0-9]*/status. I can live with that.
> You also dirty the cache and suffer load misses.

hmmm, put it like that I also prevent future cache misses, ps is likely to
travers the entire task_struct list anyway...
But, sure, fine, 1/20 of a second, prefetching algo's is getting pretty
64k tasks.... aren't we both getting slightly farfetched here...



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