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SubjectRe: Looking for comments on Bottom-Half/Tasklet/SoftIRQ
Many thanks once again.


On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 09:01:13PM +0200, Anders Peter Fugmann wrote:
> wrote:
> > Thanks
> >
> > So, Bottom halves don't need to be re-entrant as do tasklets. SoftIRQ's
> > need to be re-entrant. The advantage of tasklets is that each tasklet can
> > be farmed out to different CPU's AND they don't need to be re-entrant
> > because only one instance is allowed at a time. I think I got it.
> That is 100% correct.
> >
> > Could you direct me to some code in the kernel which uses tasklets
> > so I can see the inner workings?
> Actually very few systems in the kernel has been rewritten to use
> tasklets instead og BH's.
> But as they are very simillar to BH's, you should be able to use the
> same thinking, its just a new API.
> Take a look at include/linux/interrupt.h
> (or, an invaluable
> source when coding for linux).
> Regards
> Anders Fugmann
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