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From: "Fred Jackson" <>
> OK, tried it, twice, still doesn't wan't to compile the second time.
> Followed your instructions, twice. Then I deleted the directory,
> untarred again, reconfigured the kernel from scratch, made it the
> first pass. then it would not recompile after I ran 'make xconfig',
> saved, and tried to recompile with 'make install'. then I ran 'make
> mrproper', 'make xconfig', 'make dep', make install ----- broke again
> with the following perplexing errors.
> all I can tell for sure is that the compiler doewn't seem to have a
> definition for FASTCALL.
> thank you for your input.
> Fred

What version gcc is that?
I think gcc 2.95.[23] or the superpatched 2.96.x is nice.
Maybe youre using egcs ?
I think that compiler is "old" from a 2.4.x (x>=6) point of view?


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